I reserved this space to talk about what photography means to me. I was born in São Paulo - Brazil, and started my career in 1992 working in studio, dealing with several areas of photography. Gradually, I moved away from this environment and my enchantment by nature became more evident. To photograph nature and its elements is, above all, to understand, respect and harmonize with it. The greater the interaction with the environment, the more easily we see beauty in all its details. When I understood this, a deeper feeling for the world around me was born. Photography became for me more than a simple means of communicating reality, it was actually part of who I found out, and chose to be. The different cultures found on our planet awaken in me a huge passion.
Meet them and share with people, contributing to the preservation of the cultural memory of peoples, the conservation of the species and forests, are rewarding personal goals. The way I found to make people aware was showing, through my work, how the protection of the environment is the only way. With my images, I want to thrill, inspire, and talk to people about the deepest feelings of my soul.